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Meghan Markle Helped To Boost Husband Prince Harry’s Charity Funds?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a fairytale wedding in 2018. It is being said that the former Duke of Sussex’s charity saw a rapid rise in its income after he got married to her. 

A charity called Sentebale was set up by Harry to provide support to all those African kids who have been detected with HIV. In 2019, the charity had a fund of £3.93 million. This was just a year after the pair got married and the figure was up by £380,000 as compared to 2018. 

Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, the co-founder of the organization and the former Duke had earlier stated that the charity “has gone from strength to strength” since its inception 13 years ago. They are proud of what their charity has accomplished during these passing years. 

It has been reported that the charity has been raising its funds through events like a polo game. The Suits alum has reportedly told her husband to only participate in the sport if funds worth £1million can be raised from the matches. 

Meanwhile, the co-founder of the charity and his wife were the sole foreign royals who had attended the couple’s wedding in 2018. Harry visited Lesotho for the first time in 2004 when he was just 19-year-old. Incidentally, Prince Harry’s maiden trip to Lesotho was also his first official tour without Prince Charles, his older brother, and Charles, Prince of Wales. 

While it is true that Meghan Markle and Harry are no longer full-time working royals, they have been engaged with various charity organizations and humanitarian endeavors in LA where they currently reside. The couple has been seen distributing food packages to the needy people who are unable to shop or cook for themselves amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Daily Express reports. 

 In other news, an old clip has emerged where Markle is spotted discussing how she had to face racism. The video resurfaced when the whole country is in a state of shock after a black man called George Floyd was brutally killed by a few cops. 

The erstwhile Duchess of Sussex featured in this 2012 broadcast even before she became a part of the British Royal family. Protests are being made in different parts of the United States after the occurrence of the tragic incident. People are criticizing the police for using shields, tear gas, and batons against unprotected civilians. 

Meghan Markle could be seen sporting a T-shirt with the caption "I Won't Stand For Racism” in the video. According to another report by Daily Express, Prince Harry’s wife mentioned how she had to face offensive names and jokes in the past. She also remembers that her mom was also referred to as a racial slur.

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