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Meghan Markle’s secret self-defence training is revealed

Meghan Markle’s former personal trainer has revealed what it was like working with the Duchess while giving insight into her martial arts style fitness regime.

Speaking to Spanish Vanity Fair, Jorge Blanco said he trained Meghan in martial arts and kickboxing, while she was still filming the TV series Suits in Toronto.

“We did a little bit of martial arts, a little of boxing and sometimes kickboxing. I never really thought she could end up being a princess!" Jorge confessed to the publication.

“I had a great time training with her because she is super sympathetic and also speaks Spanish, yes, with an Argentine accent,” he added.

Jorge, who is known as known as Spaniard and has trained a host of superstars including the likes of Rhianna and Chris Hemsworth, admitted he would love to train the Duchess again.

He went on to say that, now Meghan is married to Prince Harry, he would also be interested in training them both – if they were keen.

"I don't know if now that they are around here,” said Jorge, who is based in Toronto.

Jorge, who is based in Toronto, said even though Meghan and Harry have set up base in Los Angeles, he would still find a way to train them – despite his busy work schedule.

“Come on, if she calls me, I wouldn't mind training them both,” he said.

Meghan’s fitness regime secrets come after her former high school friend, Shahs of Sunset star Nema Vand, opened up about his friendship with the Duchess.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Nema claimed that he and Meghan were quite close in high school and even shared a flirtatious moment.

“Meghan Markle was the homecoming queen of our school,” Nema confessed, before saying: “We grew up together… I don’t know her anymore, but we were friends for a long time.”

He described Meghan as a "woman among girls," before saying, "Everyone was in love with her. She was sweet and very kind.”

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