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Meghan Markle Shockingly Forced Trevor Engelson To Cast Her In Movies

Meghan Markle reportedly forced her ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, to cast her in his movie in an attempt to raise her profile.

In the book “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess,” author Andrew Morton said that the Duchess of Sussex’s insistence became a source of conflict for the former couple.

While Markle was appearing on “Deal or No Deal,” Trevor was busy with the production of “License to Wed” starring Robin Williams and Mandy Moore.

“Meghan secretly hoped there would be a role for her but the bit-parts that might have suited her went out to more experienced actresses who had worked with the director Ken Kwapis on the TV series 'The Office.'

It was to become a source of conflict between the couple, Meghan becoming disappointed that Trevor didn't try harder to include her in some of his productions,” he said.

Morton also said that Markle’s ex-husband didn’t use his position to help the Duchess of Sussex land jobs, especially at the beginning of his career. But when he gained more following in Hollywood, Engelson helped boost Markle’s career.

Prince Harry’s wife starred in the short film “The Candidate” and “Remember Me,” which was produced by Engelson.

According to Morton, Engelson’s career blossomed before Markle’s but the latter continued to do everything that she can to make sure that she will also make a name for herself.

“Meghan did her best to shine like the beautiful, talented, as well as supportive girlfriend of a bona fide mover and shaker, who could now afford to give Meghan a few crumbs from his groaning pile of scripts. At least it would stop her continuously nagging him to give her a part in one of his productions,” Morton said.

Meanwhile, Markle and Engelson’s lengthy relationship suddenly ended because of Prince Harry’s wife. According to reports, the Duchess of Sussex returned her wedding ring to the producer without any explanation and filed for divorce.

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