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Meghan Still Thinks Kate Receives Different Treatment From Her

Meghan Markle still thinks that Kate Middleton receives different treatment from the royal family compared to her.

A source told Bella UK that the Duchess of Sussex is convinced that if Middleton was the one that was unfairly picked on by the media, the palace would’ve been more supportive of her.

“If Kate were being criticized, no one would have to put up with it,” the source said.

In January, Prince Harry and Markle announced their decision to quit the royal family. The Duke of Sussex said that one of the reasons for their exit is the constant criticisms that his wife has been receiving.

Prince Harry and Markle also want to be financially independent of the royal family. This way, they can take on jobs and roles that they won’t otherwise be able to do if they’re still senior working royals.

Prior to their Megxit, Markle allegedly asked Prince Harry to take a stand and defend her from the royal family and the public.

“Meghan said Harry needed to take a stand for her, their son, and his mother. She told him no one took his pleas seriously, so they had to take the issue into their own hands,” the source said.

Initially, Prince Harry and Markle wanted to continue performing their royal duties but in a limited capacity. However, Queen Elizabeth didn’t approve of their proposal. She also stripped the royal couple off their titles.

Last month, Daily Mail revealed that Markle told some of her closest friends that if Middleton was constantly being criticized by the press, the royal family would’ve stepped in. They would’ve also changed their media policies and would’ve shunned tabloids.

In April, Prince Harry and Markle announced their decision to stop collaborating with four British tabloids. The decision shocked some royal fans and experts. However, the Duchess of Sussex’s friend said that the royal family wasn’t surprised by the announcement.

Meanwhile, when Middleton first joined the royal family, she was also heavily criticized by the press. And even before she became an official member of the royal family, she received the nickname “Waity Katie.”

The press came up with the moniker after Prince William refused to propose to Middleton on her 25th birthday. Instead, the Duke of Cambridge’s proposal took place in 2010 and he and Middleton tied the knot on April 29, 2011.

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