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Melania Trump Shares Favorite Part Of Donald Trump’s Body: ‘Sexiest Man’

Melania Trump reveals her favorite part of husband President Donald Trump’s body.

CNN reporter Kate Bennett shared light about the POTUS and FLOTUS’ intimate relationship in the book titled “ Free, Melania.” According to Bennett, Melania made a raunchy confession about her spouse by praising his “gorgeous” legs.

“He has beautiful legs. He has gorgeous legs. Beautiful legs, long, beautiful legs,’” Melania confessed.

The FLOTUS doesn’t hide her admiration to her husband’s appearance. In the revealing book, Melania  was also quoted saying, “He’s the sexiest man in the world.”

She also referred to the POTUS in one of his pictures “handsome.”

The president is a keen tennis player and often enjoys a few rounds of the sport when he takes a break at his Palm Beach home. Back in 2017, there was a viral meme of the POTUS in sheer white shorts and shirt while playing tennis.

In a past interview, Melania was asked about her husband’s alleged infidelities and if it put a strain on their marriage. Donald’s wife said that she didn’t focus on the rumors because she’s a mother and a first lady and there are more important things that she has to think about. 

Melania also said “yes” when asked if she loves her husband. The FLOTUS added that the gossip about their marriage is not always correct.

The FLOTUS is also very impressed with Donald’s leadership skills. Two decades ago, when Melania and Donald were still dating, she was asked if she could see herself as the first lady. Melania gave a positive response and went on praising her then-boyfriend’s intelligence.

According to Melania, Donald is the best leader and an amazing negotiator. She also added that Donald has what it takes to be an amazing president.

On the other hand, Donald has nothing but praises for his wife. In 2018, Donald recognized his wife’s contribution in his being saying that he wouldn’t be the man he is today without Melania. He also described the first lady as his “beautiful, kind-hearted and exceptional wife” while encouraging the people to sign Melania’s birthday card. Donald also called Melania his “rock and foundation.”

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