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One-Line Weekly the amazing Puzzle Game – Updates

One Line Weekly

One-Line Weekly is a nonmainstream game that immediately earned a spot on my rundown of the best confuse games for Android. It's an exceptionally intricate riddle game that worked around a straightforward idea that is entirely clarified in the title. You should simply pivot the pieces around until you make a solitary line, yet you just have seven days to deal with it before the riddle resets and it'll most likely take you the entire week to really complete it or get the extent that you can.

One-Line Weekly offers a comparably straightforward idea that basically consolidates a complex Rubik's Cube with Pipe Dream where you're dealing with a multi-sided 3D shape secured with various molded line pieces that you tap to turn until you've associated everything into a solitary whole line.

Exploring around the riddle is as simple as swiping to turn the riddle and utilizing two fingers to squeeze zoom in and out. You'll unquestionably need to be zoomed directly in while you're chipping away at a specific territory of the riddle since it's anything but difficult to inadvertently tap an adjoining piece. At that point, you'll need to zoom out to perceive how your work is fitting in with the remainder of the riddle pieces. Apparently, each bewilder has, at any rate, one arrangement, if not numerous designs, however regardless of whether you can't finish the riddle before it resets on Saturday, the game gives you an advancement bar in the interruption menu that tracks your longest queue so you can deal with improving your own best until the week you figure out how to finish it.

The best updates on around One Line Weekly is that it's a free game with no irritating advertisements or in-application buys (for the present), while clearly encouraging week by week refreshes with a fresh out of the box new line bewilder conveyed each Saturday.

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