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Why Prince Charles Shockingly Became ‘Upset’ With Fergie, Confronted Her

Prince Charles reportedly became so upset with Sarah Ferguson that he confronted his former sister-in-law.

In the Amazon Prime documentary “Royalty Up Close: The Photography of Kent Gavin,” photographer Kent Gavin detailed the incident that took place while the royals were skiing. At that time, Prince Andrew joined Fergie and Prince Charles was accompanied by Princess Diana.

According to Gavin, the royal couples were standing like planks of skis and he couldn’t take an interesting photo of them because they weren’t doing anything. When the Duchess of York realized that they were making Gavin feel bored, she decided to push Princess Diana.

“Fergie and Diana knew there was something wrong, so Fergie knocks Diana’s skis, she falls over, and the line goes down like a set of dominos. It upset Charles like you would not believe!” he said.

Prince Charles asked Ferguson if she really had to do what she just did in front of the cameras. But Gavin said that Prince Andrew’s ex-wife didn’t seem to take any offense. In fact, she and Princess Diana continued laughing and goofing around.

Meanwhile, Fergie and Prince Charles shared another memorable moment during another ski trip years ago. While the former royal was four months pregnant with Princess Beatrice, she accidentally skied into a stream and fell headfirst.

“I chipped the hangman’s bone in my neck and for a second fell unconscious. To my great good fortune, the Prince of Wales was close by and jumped in to rescue me. As his boots filled with icy water, Charles pulled my head clear,” she said.

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