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Prince Harry is ‘Already Yearning to Come Home’, Royal Expert Claims

Recent reports suggesting that Elizabeth II’s grandson was finding his new life “challenging” after his departure from the royal duties this March and that he was missing the army have prompted many to suggest that the ex-senior royal might have already started to regret his move to North America with Hollywood wife Meghan Markle.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told Daily Star Online that former senior royal Prince Harry was probably willing to come back home to the UK already, following news that he had been “feeling out of place” in LA and could not believe how dramatically his life has changed recently.

“Harry is doubtless happy with Meghan and Archie, but if the new reports that he ‘cannot believe’ what has happened in recent months are true, part of him is already yearning to come home,” the royal expert claimed.

The comments came after the source reportedly close to the Duke of Sussex told the Telegraph last week that the prince was missing the army and his military appointments, including Captain General Royal Marines, which he was stripped of following the royal split, and still could not believe that “this has happened”.

“It was always the case that he was likely to feel the loss of his military appointments very keenly,” Fitzwilliams added. “These will not be filled for a year however when the agreement made at the Sandringham Summit with the Queen will be reviewed.”

The royal commentator noted that the prince has often been very keen on taking part in charitable projects, including his brainchild Invictus Games Foundation, as well as “throw himself, heart and soul, into a venture”, as he did during two military campaigns in Afghanistan.

However, the constraints resulting from the global pandemic and his re-location to California have hindered any significant steps in this direction, reportedly leaving the Duke of Sussex at a loss.

“The pandemic has prevented the launch of their non-profit organisation Archewell. The Invictus Games, his brainchild, have been unavoidably postponed this year. Obviously he and Meghan have made some gestures of support to those in need,” Fitzwilliams explained.

“There is no opportunity to really make a difference where he is now. Being in Hollywood may be where the work is but it has an elitist feel, especially during this crisis. He is away from Britain where he was brought up and knows his popularity there now is at very different levels,” the expert noted.

Earlier, Harry's friend Doctor Jane Goodall said during an interview to Radio Times that she has been in touch with the prince following his move to LA, and revealed the Queen's grandson was "finding life a bit challenging right now".

The ex-senior royals were significantly dissatisfied with their royal life after getting married, according to the couple’s early interviews, and stepped down from their duties this March to live a “financially independent” life.

Following their move to Meghan’s native California via Canada this spring, they have now started looking for a permanent Hollywood home.

Some reports suggest that the Sussexes have now eyed a £10 million property close to Tom Hanks and Ben Affleck , where they are planning to move in with their son Archie, who has just celebrated his first birthday, and Meghan Markle’s mum Doria after coronavirus restrictions are over.

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