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Prince Harry More ‘Relatable’ Than Prince William, Should Be King Instead, Singer Says

Prince Harry and Prince William’s future roles are very different from one another, but at least one person prefers the Duke of Sussex to become the next king of Britain.

Jamelia Niela Davis, an English singer and songwriter, recently said that even though it is inevitable for Prince William to be king, she prefers Prince Harry for the top job.

“I relate to him; I relate to Meghan. I love what they stand for, what they represent. I think, for someone of my generation, I don’t want to overuse the worst, but I think they’re progressive and relatable,” she told Express.

Jamelia also talked about Queen Elizabeth as the current monarch and said that her approach is widely different from Prince William. After all, the two royals come from very different generations.

The Duke of Cambridge was born in 1981, which is the same year when Davis was born. The singer said that people born during her era are more open to discussing things. During the Queen’s era, discussions were kept to a minimum.

Davis said that because of the huge generational difference, it is unfair to compare the Queen and Prince William with each other.

Meanwhile, Davis isn’t the only person who has expressed her desire for Prince Harry to be the future King of Britain. When Princess Diana was still alive, she was also convinced that her youngest child had the makings of a great king.

In the documentary “William & Harry: Princes At War?” former royal butler Paul Burrell said that Princess Diana realized that Prince Harry could be a great king after he said that he would take on the important role since Prince William didn’t want it.

Royal expert Robert Jobson also said the same thing in the documentary. He revealed that Princess Diana even gave Prince Harry the nickname Good King Harry because she thought he’d be better equipped for the role than Prince William.

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