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Prince Harry Sees George Clooney As Big Brother Figure Amid Cheating Rumors

Prince Harry has allegedly turned to George Clooney for help in navigating his new life in Los Angeles.

According to OK! magazine, Prince Harry is excited to be in the United States with Meghan Markle. However, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t a little nervous and homesick.

A source told the tabloid that the Duke of Sussex looks up to the “Ocean’s Eleven” star and he sees Amal Clooney’s husband as a big brother figure. As such, Prince Harry values Clooney’s advice.

“Harry is grateful to have him in his corner,” the source said.

Clooney has also been helping Prince Harry find a job in the area.

The claims made by the tabloid came just weeks after New Idea accused Clooney of having an affair with Markle. In April, the tabloid claimed that Amal isn’t pleased with her husband and Markle’s closeness.

A source said that the A-listers have been talking to each other secretly. In the past, the couples only used their WhatsApp group for their correspondence. But Amal recently found out that her husband and Markle are chatting with each other privately.

The insider suggested that Clooney and Markle could have a fling. But Amal is confident that the two won’t cross their boundaries. However, she still thinks that the actors’ closeness and secret conversations are rude.

Both tabloids’ claims seem to be incorrect. Even though Prince Harry and Clooney have known each other for years, the former hasn’t said anything about asking for the latter’s help.

Now isn’t also the time for Prince Harry to find other things to do in Los Angeles since the country is still on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is also untrue that Clooney and Markle are talking to each other privately. And it is even more unlikely for Amal to be offended by the A-listers’ closeness.

Clooney’s wife has been staying away from the world of show business since she works as a lawyer and a humanitarian activist. The Clooneys have also been married since 2014 so it is unlikely for the actor to cheat on his wife.

Rumors about the Clooneys’ marriage going the drain have been rife for years. Some tabloids previously claimed that Amal is upset with her husband’s childhood ways.

Clooney doesn’t also want to spend much time with their kids. However, both claims are also incorrect.

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