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Prince Harry Sparks Rumors He Suffers From ADHD

Prince Harry recently sparked rumors that he could be suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

On Twitter, some royal fans speculated on the possibility of the Duke of Sussex suffering from the condition because he seems to lack focus.

“Has anyone else ever suspected that Prince Harry might play for team ADHD? Or is it just me? I mean, he definitely comes by as weird naturally, though Prince Philip’s mom, Princess Alice, who was a fascinating woman and almost certainly neurodivergent,” Twitter user @marta_rose said.

Some netizens agreed with the royal fan, while others said that they haven’t noticed until now. At least one netzine said that she thinks Prince Charles also suffers from the same condition.

“Prince Charles may be too. Team ASD,” Instagram user @melancholy.cheese said.

On the online forum site Quora, some royal fans also talked about Prince Harry’s alleged disability.

“I believe Prince Harry has yet to get the correct medical and therapeutic help for his apparent or seeming ADD/ADHD and proneness to morbidity and depression, and living in the past,” Frances A. Nevaehe Hayday, a former author and teacher, said.

When one royal fan asked what made her think that Prince Harry suffers from ADHD, she said that it is because Meghan Markle’s husband is unable to stay focused on his thoughts, feelings, and the ever-shifting potential creations of his imagination.

“He seems to have become both influenced and inspired by Meghan Markle but hasn’t expressed his thoughts and feelings about this fact. He hasn’t apparently learned to think his actions through to their logical conclusion and he suffers the consequences thereof,” she said.

The royal fan also said that Princess Diana’s death has impacted Prince Harry tremendously. And the fact that he is more sensitive than Prince William only means that he could be struggling far more than his older brother.

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