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Prince Harry Won’t Teach Archie Royal Protocol; Meghan’s Husband Changed Number

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly enjoying their life and the privacy that they are receiving in Canada.

A source told Closer Weekly that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are already seeing some changes in their lives and the way that they are raising their 8-month-old son, Archie.

Before relocating to Canada, Prince Harry and Markle thought about homeschooling Archie for fear that his safety and security will be put at risk. Now, the royal couple has decided to send their son to a nursery, where he could make friends.

And now that Prince Harry and Markle have already quit the royal family, they have also decided to not teach Archie about royal protocol. The Duke of Sussex couldn’t be happier over the fact that he’s now able to spend more time with his son.

“To be honest, Harry’s always been heavily involved in Archie’s upbringing. Just as much as Meghan. But now he’s getting to spend more quality time with Archie without any interruptions and his phone ringing non-stop. He’s already got a new cell number and has only given it out to a select few,” the source said.

Meanwhile, another thing that Archie gets to experience now that his parents are no longer bound by certain royal rules and protocols is the change in his wardrobe.

Unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children who are always wearing shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses, Archie is able to wear UGG boots, organic Baby Gap sweaters, beanies, puffer jackets, sneakers, and other cool items.

In related news, Archie was last photographed in public last week while Markle was walking two of her rescue dogs. After their photos were published online, reports swirled that Prince Harry is ready to sue the publications that impeached their privacy.

According to BBC, the Duke of Sussex warned photographers after they learned that they were hiding behind the bushes to catch a glimpse of Markle and Archie.

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