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Prince Harry’s Mental Health Struggles Revisited Amid ‘Breakdown’ Rumors

Prince Harry has struggled with mental health issues for most of his life.

Last year, he and Meghan Markle spoke about their issues with the royal family in the documentary “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.”

After the show aired, BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond revealed that Prince William was furious at his younger brother.

However, the expert also said that Prince William is worried about Prince Harry’s mental health because he knows that he’s in such a fragile state.

In 2017, the Duke of Sussex revealed that he sought counseling 20 years after Princess Diana’s death after Prince William encouraged him to do so.

While speaking with The Telegraph, Archie’s dad said that at the age of 28, he felt the need to punch someone because of all the anger and anxiety he was feeling.

But instead of getting into a fight, he decided to talk to a professional, and it changed his life for the better.

Royal fans are also convinced that Prince Harry is still struggling with his mental health especially after he and Markle announced that they are quitting the royal family.

The fact that he is unable to deal with the never-ending media scrutiny suggests that he isn’t healthy mentally.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Duke of Sussex suffered a mental breakdown while in Canada. Globe recently published a story about the Duke of Sussex with the cryptic headline: “Harry’s Tragic Fight For Sanity.”

An unnamed source told the tabloid that Prince Harry had a mental breakdown amid fears that Markle would leave him, and the Duchess of Sussex would take Archie with her.

“It all got too much and he suffered a terrible nervous breakdown,” the source said.

However, Prince Harry and Markle have been a strong and united front ever since they tied the knot. The Duke of Sussex also revealed that it was his decision to quit the royal family so there’s no reason for him to worry about Markle leaving him.

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