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Prince William Will Unlikely ‘Leapfrog’ Charles As King Despite Fans’ Support

Prince William received the support of thousands of royal fans who participated in a poll about the future king.

The Savanta ComRes survey for the Daily Express revealed that 45 percent of the participants want the Duke of Cambridge to leapfrog Prince Charles as king. However, only 20 percent disagreed and the rest were undecided.

Additionally, 50 percent of the female respondents said that they would prefer the throne to bypass Prince Charles and only 40 percent of male respondents are in favor of Prince William immediately succeeding Queen Elizabeth.

But despite growing support that Kate Middleton’s husband has been receiving, it is unlikely for Prince Charles to be bypassed from his role as king.

Royal expert Dickie Arbiter said that skipping Prince Charles could just cause more problems to the British monarchy in the future.

“Skipping a generation sets a dangerous precedent and could lead to calls for George, who would be in his late sixties or seventies by the time his father’s reign came to an end, to step aside for his heir be it a son or a daughter,” he said.

Arbiter also said that Prince William’s time will surely come but the order of succession states that Prince Charles will ascend to the throne following the monarch’s passing. And he also said that with Prince Charles as king, the monarchy will be in good hands.

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