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Princess Diana Cried Her Eyes Out During Honeymoon, Charles Pretended To Be Baffled

Prince Charles and Princess Diana struggled in different ways during their marriage. In the book “Charles: A Biography,” royal author Anthony Holden revealed how the Princess of Wales cried her eyes out during her honeymoon with the Prince of Wales. The mom of two couldn’t believe how her husband attributed her extreme mood swings to her struggle of adapting to her new life as a royal. And to make things worse, even though Prince Charles could see that something was wrong, he professed bafflement at that moment.

“For him, this was ‘a blissful interlude at his favorite home, complete with his books, his fishing rods and his friends’ while his new bride was for some reason ‘unable to surrender herself to his good humor,’” Holden said. It was also during the royal couple’s honeymoon that Princess Diana chanced upon photos of Camilla inside her husband’s diary. While comparing their schedules, photos of the Duchess of Cornwall fluttered out of the Duke of Cornwall’s diary.

A few days later, Princess Diana saw a new pair of gold cufflinks with two intertwined letter C’s on them. When Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom confronted Prince Charles about the gift, the latter admitted that it was given to him by Camilla. But despite her suspicions about Prince Charles and Camilla’s real relationship, the late royal stayed married to her husband. Her personal trainer and confidant, Jenni Rivett, told Yahoo’s “The Royal Box” that if Princess Diana was given the chance, she would have stayed with Prince Charles and tried her best to make a happy marriage.

“She loved Charles. She wasn’t the one who wanted to separate or divorce. She was sad about it. She wanted to be a loving wife,” Rivett said. In 1995, Princess Diana spoke with Martin Bashir for Panorama, where she disclosed shocking details about her marriage. After watching the interview, Queen Elizabeth urged the royal couple to finalize their divorce.

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