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Princess Diana ‘Flirted’ With Another Man, Found Him Irresistible

Princess Diana reportedly flirted with another man while she was married to Prince Charles.

When the Princess of Wales was still alive, she was oftentimes photographed by Kent Gavin. In the Amazon Prime documentary “Royalty Up Close:

The Photography of Kent Gavin,” it was revealed that the latter was able to take beautiful photos of the late royal because he flirted with Princess Diana.

According to Anne Robinson, a broadcaster and journalist, Princess Diana and Gavin just clicked.

“I mean, they both knew they were part of a game –a very important game, but a game. She had to look her best, he’d be encouraging her, he’d be flirting with her from the other side – and she found him irresistible,” Robinson said.

During times wherein Princess Diana wasn’t having a good day, she would hit Gavin, and they would end up flirting with each other. This is the reason why the latter was able to take glorious photos of Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom.

Gavin also talked about his friendship with Princess Diana and said that the late royal liked a number of things about him.

First of all, Princess Diana loved his cockney accent and the way that they used to have bantered. The Princess of Wales also trusted him.

“Princess Diana was like one of the old-fashioned movie stars, that she knew where the camera was, she also knew instinctively – God knows, no one taught her this – she knew how to flirt with the camera,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gavin wasn’t the only man that Princess Diana flirted with while she was still married to Prince Charles. In an article she wrote for Daily Mail, royal expert Penny Junor said that Princess Diana was able to charm her father, Sir John Junor.

Over the years, the Princess of Wales discovered her sexuality and the power that she had over men. She was able to enchant Sir John by inviting him to lunch several times.

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