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Princess Diana, Meghan Markle Would’ve Clashed, Couldn’t Be Friends

Princess Diana’s former royal butler, Paul Burrell recently likened the late royal to Meghan Markle. However, Burrell thinks that if the Princess of Wales was still alive, she wouldn’t have gotten on well with her daughter-in-law.

While speaking with Closer, Burrell described Princess Diana and Markle as strong-minded and tenacious. He said that the Duchess of Sussex reminds her of Princess Diana because she knows exactly where she’s going.

“They’ve both shown conviction, passion, and individuality – and brought a freshness to the royal family. They broke the mold. They also share the same inherent and natural ability to reach out to people, and they’re both humanitarians who want to do good,” he said.

Burrell also said that Prince Harry must have wed Markle because she reminded him of the Princess of Wales. Both his mom and wife are not pushovers. However, despite their similarities, the former royal butler thinks that the two women would’ve clashed.

“I imagine it would be two strong, independent women with different views on things – it would have been a battle between Meghan’s way and Diana’s way,” he said.

Meanwhile, Burrell also weighed in on some of Markle and Princess Diana’s differences when it comes to the media. He said that the Duchess of Sussex has a plan, whereas Princess Diana was young and naïve.

When it comes to the attention that they received from the media, Burrell thinks that Princess Diana is stronger in this regard. In October, Markle said in an ITV documentary that not many people have asked if she was OK.

While she was still alive, Princess Diana also struggled with media attention. After all, no one asked the late royal if she was OK for 20 years. Additionally, Princess Diana was much younger than Markle, and she was also in a direct line to the throne because of her marriage to Prince Charles.

Markle, on the other hand, only experienced the negativity of the British press for one to two years but she already quit her role. Prince Harry has also stayed by her side through it all.

Princess Diana, on the other hand, didn’t have the same support from Prince Charles. In fact, the royal couple’s marriage ended in divorce just one year before her death.

Prince Harry and Markle are also set to release their tell-all book “Finding Freedom” in August. Princess Diana’s controversial interview with Andrew Morton for “Diana: Her True Story” took place 10 years after she first joined the royal family.

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