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Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Makes Her Royal Staff Do ‘Outrageous’ Jobs

Queen Elizabeth has a handful of staff members that help her out daily.

And New Idea listed down some of the outrageous jobs Her Majesty tasks her staff to do.

For instance, the monarch reportedly has a shoe wearer. The job of her shoe wearer is to break in all of the Queen’s footwear before she wears them. This way, they won’t make her feet hurt.

The Queen also has a food taster, who’s tasked to try out the Queen and Prince Philip’s food first before they are served to the royal couple.

While speaking with People, chef Kevin Dundon said that he used to prepare two plates while he was still cooking for Her Majesty.

“I produced two plates: one for the food taster and one for her, and he tasted before it was served to her,” he said.

The Queen also has a surveyor of paintings. In 2005, she appointed Desmond Shawe-Taylor to oversee her range of collection, which includes 7,000 oil paintings and 3,000 miniatures.

Prince Charles’ mom also has a master of music, which is an honorary position. Judith Weir was the first person to ever been given the role, and she will serve as the Queen’s master of music for 10 years.

“It is a great honor to take up the position of Master of the Queen’s Music. I hope to encourage everyone in the UK who sings, plays or writes music, and to hear as many of them as possible in action over the next 10 years,” Weir said following her appointment.

The Queen also has a stamp minder, a human alarm clock, a clock winder, a flag sergeant, a master of the horse, and a grand carver.

Meanwhile, the Queen also made headlines this week after her wedding to Prince Philip from over seven decades ago was revisited.

While speaking on BBC’s “The One Show,” royal expert Gyles Brandreth said that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s wedding was eclipsed by Princess Margaret’s nuptials due to one important reason.

During the Queen’s wedding, there was still no television so the event wasn’t broadcasted. But when it was Princess Margaret’s turn to tie the knot, her wedding was broadcasted to 300 million people.

“One aspect of this royal wedding that can be said with certainty eclipsed the Queen’s was the televised technology used to pull it off,” he said.

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