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The Queen finally turns on Prince Andrew after he ‘humiliates’ her

The Queen has finally had enough of her former favourite son Prince Andrew, as an explosive US report claims the monarch is no longer on his side.

While the monarch’s second son has long been favoured, it seems Her Majesty has turned a corner in the way she seems him.

American publication Globe says that Andrew provoked his mother’s wrath after Manhattan-based U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman announced the prince had given lawmen ‘zero cooperation’ in investigating Epstein’s sex crimes against children. 

‘Elizabeth was publicly shamed and humiliated,' says Globe's source.  'She’s ordered Andrew to talk with American investigators. His defiance was a slap in the face.

‘Andrew is in deep — and he’s scared to death.’

For his part, Andrew was reported to be ‘angry and bewildered’ over the prosecutor’s allegation he has not co-operated and the Prince is said to be ‘more than happy to talk’.

However the Enquirer’s source also outrageously claims that Andrew’s elder brother Prince Charles is pushing Scotland Yard to relaunch a probe into convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his association with Andrew.

Andrew vehemently denies he knew of Epstein’s sex trafficking past despite his former alleged sex slave Virginia Roberts insisting she slept with the prince.

He has attacked Virginia, allegedly telling a friend: ‘She is a very sick girl apparently. The innuendo is the problem. But there is nothing that one can do about that! Shrug and move on.’

The report follows a prior article by Globe, which alleged the disgraced royal could ‘end up behind bars’ as his former connections with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein draw ongoing scrutiny.

‘Andrew will be thrown in a cage if he ever sets foot in America,’ a source is quoted as saying by Globe. ‘But insiders say federal investigators are also asking British authorities to squeeze Her Majesty’s disgraced son, who was forced to withdraw from public life over his Epstein connections.’ 

The outlet further claims that Paul Page, who it says worked palace security from 1998 to 2004, can confirm new details about Andrew’s association with Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell.

The prince has made no further comment on the controversy.

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