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What Happens If Queen Elizabeth, Philip Die During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are at risk for the deadly coronavirus due to their age.

At present, the royal couple is self-quarantining in Windsor Castle. During a recent interview via Zoom, Prince William said that the royal family is making sure that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be safe during this difficult time.

However, there have also been some discussions as to what would happen if the Queen or Prince Philip die amid the coronavirus pandemic. A palace courtier said that all the previous funeral plans for the royal couple may be thrown out.

“If Prince Philip dies I think there would be a general acceptance that he had a wonderful life and people would say he had good innings. As he is at Windsor Castle and is due to be buried at St.

George’s Chapel within the castle grounds, it would be relatively easy to have a small family funeral,” the source told New Idea.

However, if the Queen is the one that passes away due to COVID-19, her funeral would be much more difficult to arrange. Her Majesty is slated to have her funeral at Westminster Abbey, and thousands of people are expected to flock the streets to see her for one last time.

“It would all have to be canceled for the safety of everyone concerned. She too would have to have a small service, then a big memorial service at a later date when it’s safe.

It would be a terrible blow of course, but there is just no alternative in the current situation,” the source said.

As of late, two of the Queen’s staff have already tested positive for coronavirus. One of her footmen, who recently walked her dogs, also tested positive.

Another royal insider said that the royal family should’ve acted earlier and isolated the Queen. However, it is also possible for the monarch to want to keep her cool during this time.

Meanwhile, concerns about the Queen’s health have been rife throughout the past couple of years. Just recently, National Enquirer claimed that the 94-year-old only has a few months to live.

A source told the tabloid that the Queen suffered a secret cardiac episode that left the royal family feeling scared and worried. The incident allegedly took place just before Her Majesty addressed Britons regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this isn’t 100 percent accurate. The Queen did not suffer a heart attack, and she’s healthy and well.

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