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Queen’s Fury: Queen Elizabeth II ANGERED By Fellow Monarch During ‘Tour Of Hell’

Over the years, the British royal family has faced massive challenges. However, Queen Elizabeth II has remained calm and composed, with her firm personality becoming the key to success in her 68-year reign as the head of the monarchy. 

The Queen is known for her steady composure even in the worst-case scenario. Nonetheless, there was one instance when the 94-year-old monarch became "absolutely furious." 

The Queen's "Tour From Hell"

In the new documentary "Secrets of the Royals on Tour," it was revealed why Her Majesty called her visit to Morocco as a "tour from hell."

"There is one thing the Queen cannot stand, and it led to her trip to Morocco in 1980 being dubbed the 'tour of hell," narrator Glynis Barber shared. 

Multiple reports said that the Queen's joint engagement with King Hassan II was filled with a series of unfortunate events. 

Experts claimed that the Queen was made to wait for long hours under the scorching heat of the sun as the Moroccan king failed to show up on time.

"The king was notoriously tardy about punctuality and he didn't turn up. And he was hours late for the Queen, and the Queen had to wait," royal commentator Richard Kay explained. 

The "Biggest Walkout Of All Time"

Kay added that Her Majesty, who had displayed signs of displeasure, felt that every second count as she had a tight schedule during the tour. 

"She kept up a fantastic expression but we learned later that she was absolutely furious, absolutely furious that she'd been kept waiting all this time. It's not because she feels it's disrespectful to her but she's got a full day of engagements," the royal expert added.

Furthermore, it was reported that the longest-reigning British monarch had advised photographers to "keep cameras trained" as they might witness the "biggest walkout of all time."

Princess Margaret's Warning To The Queen

Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth II's younger sister, Princess Margaret, made her aware of the struggles she might endure on her trip to North Africa. 

"Going to Morocco is rather like being kidnapped, you never know where you are going or when," Princess Margaret reportedly told the Queen.

The authoritarian Hassan II, who ruled the country from 1961 to 1999, made the Queen change cars seven times on the road as she traveled from Marrakech into the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. 

Aside from this, her appointments were also adjusted without prior notice.

It was said that Queen Elizabeth II arrived in full royal regalia to attend the King's state banquet, only to find out that the venue was closed. 

Other than the 94-year-old monarch, the heir to the throne Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla also went to Morocco in 2011 for a three-day visit. 

In 2019, Prince Harry and his then-pregnant wife Meghan Markle toured Morocco and met King Mohammed VI at a royal palace in Sale. 

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