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Royal shock: Prince William told to step up and become prince regent

Prince William has reportedly been urged to step up and become prince regent amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a British newspaper poll has revealed.

According to Express, more than three-quarters of readers surveyed believe that Prince William should at as regent for the Queen even though Prince Charles is next in line.

Both Her Majesty and Charles are in high-risk categories for the virus, which many readers believe highlights the necessity for the Duke of Cambridge to assume the regal role.

The survey, which was conducted by the Biritish publication on Tuesday, found a whopping 76 per cent (577) of those quizzed believe William should become regent and voted “Yes”.

What’s more, only 23 per cent (176) of readers thought that it was inappropriate for the Duke to step into the role and voted “No”, with one per cent of voters being undecided.

Enthusiastic royalists were quick to take to comment on the notion of Wills taking the throne, with one fan reportedly telling the publication: “I would love a king William.”

Another person added: “He certainly appears to have his head more screwed on than most of the others and Kate is down to Earth too and compassionate.”

While some royalists have rejected the notion of Wills stepping up, traditionally the person who acts as regent is someone who can fulfill the monarch’s duties the best in their absence.

With the Queen still in lockdown with Prince Philip and Prince Charles recovering from his recent coronavirus infection in mid-March, many believe Wills is the obvious choice.

A classic example of a royal stepping into the regent role for the monarch is King George IV, who acted as regent for his father, George III, from 1811 until he became king in 1820.

Her Majesty and Philip are in COVID-19 lockdown at Windsor Castle, along with 22 members of staff who have said goodbye to their families during isolation.

The lockdown measures were put in place to protect the Queen, 94, and Philip, 98, who could face increased complications if they were to catch coronavirus. 

While staff have sacrificed time with their own families, serving the Queen during isolation has been compared with a long deployment at sea where sailors are separated from their ­loved ones for several months, according to a leaked memo. 

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