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Ted Danson Posts Emotional Goodbye from the set of the finale Ever The Good Place

The Good Place has improved the game in many ways to deliver touching and funny fantasy comedies.

Strikingly original and imaginative, you could feel the fun the screenwriters had in every single scene. No other comedy series in heaven or on earth has ever given viewers so many ethical and philosophical riddles that they get confused.advertisement 

The Good Place made the viewers’ brain cells buzz to the very last scene and was a whirlwind of jokes that resisted every dimension. I honestly can’t believe it’s all over.

The best part of the show was undoubtedly the core cast of recurring characters. Although each character is dead / demonic / a knowledge base, he showed a real development in each of the four seasons.

With each episode we saw Janet (D’Arcy Carden) become more and more human. We have seen Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and Chidi (William Jackson Harper) fall in love with a number of newly launched afterlifes. We heard Tahani (Jameela Jamil) drip pretty much every celebrity, living and dead, with the name.

We loved them all individually and the performers have a great affection for their characters and each other.

Ted Danson, who played the lovable demon Michael on the show, has now paid an emotional tribute to his time on the show and shared a video from the set of the last episode:

The video shows 72-year-old Danson, who summarizes his last scene in an enthusiastic applause from the cast and crew.

Danson then waves his colleagues over to a group shot while giving an emotional farewell speech:

This was the most beautiful thing, which is a reflection of the most beautiful show I have ever seen, with so many of the most beautiful people who are like-minded.

And in this amazing place, I will never forget it. Much love.

In the meantime, other performers have expressed their love for the show and the bittersweet feeling of leaving it behind.

I will miss the fans we have. The people who get in the middle of the grain, in the middle of every single choice. When work goes somewhere and someone appreciates every tiny bit of it. That is a big compliment. And it gives you the feeling that it is really worth being so specific.

I will miss having a community of people … people on the show, people who work on the show, and the fans who were enthusiastic about getting a roadmap about how to be a good person were ready for an introduction to philosophy. learned to be friendlier and also loved fart jokes along the way.

More than any other television universe, I will be genuinely sad to leave The Good Place – and The Bad Place – behind me.

There’s nothing like it, and his legacy will hopefully inspire other screenwriters to take risks and explore huge metaphysical issues.

You can now watch all four episodes of The Good Place on Netflix.

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