The Outer Worlds On Switch Releases In March, Will Require A Download

Obsidian Entertainment's stellar 2019 role-playing shooter, The Outer Worlds, will finally be launching on Nintendo Switch on March 6, publisher Private Division has confirmed.

The Outer Worlds will launch on the Nintendo EShop as well as retail for $60, although Private Division noted that the boxed copy of the game will not contain a game cart and instead only include a download code.

To play The Outer Worlds on Switch you will need to download the full game, with Private Division not yet disclosing its install size.

The Outer Worlds launched last October on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with GameSpot's Edmond Tran awarding it a 9/10 and praising its excellent writing and captivating characters. " I finished The Outer Worlds wanting more, eager to jump back into the world to see extra things," he said.

"It's not a short game, but it's one packed with such a steady stream of wonderful characters to meet, interesting places to explore, and meaningful, multi-layered quests to solve, that it didn't feel like there was any room to get tired of it."

A sprawling open-world game like The Outer Worlds seems well suited to a portable platform like the Nintendo Switch, which is in more hands than ever now. Earlier today Nintendo announced that it had shipped over 52 million Switch consoles, surpassing the overall sales figures of the SNES.

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