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The Queen Thinks Prince Charles And Diana Didn’t Last Because He Was An “Old Maid?”

Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a fairytale wedding in 1981, a royal union that was televised to the world. Diana was just out of her teens and no doubt divorce was not on her mind that day. Sadly, we all know how the prince and the princess ended up, with lots of accusations flung and divorce court their final destination.

Just as the world watched the nuptials, the world has its opinion on what went wrong. Therefore it makes sense that Charles’ mother Queen Elizabeth would also have an opinion on her son’s failed first marriage.

Her Majesty Thinks She Knows Why Charles And Diana’s Marriage did not work out

Royal watcher Robert Jobson wrote in his 2006 book, “William’s Princess,” exactly what the queen thought about her eldest son’s union.

Jobson says that an inside source told him that, “The Queen thinks that one of the reasons Charles’ marriage to Diana didn’t last was because he waited too long. At 32, he was too set in his ways.”

So, Prince Charles was a manly version of an old maid, already washed up at 32?  Jobson clarifies, “32 may not sound terribly old to modern sensibilities but by then Charles had acquired a certain form and shape to his life that he was unwilling, or unable, to change. He had also acquired Mrs. Parker Bowles. But those days were long gone.”

What Does Her Majesty Think Of William And Kate’s Marriage?

Jobson relays that the queen had a quite different opinion of her grandson’s nuptials. He says that she was pleased with Prince William’s romance with Kate early on in life.

According to Jobson, “Now Charles and Camilla were happily installed as a married couple and the shadow of Charles’ disastrous first marriage was shortening, Her Majesty’s view was that everything could go well for her grandson.”

He added, “William’s relative youth was, to her, a boon not a drawback.”

The Queen’s Thoughts About The Princess Of Wales Was Widely Written About

In addition to Jobson’s comments, other royal watchers have discussed the dynamic between the queen and Diana.  For instance, Penny Junor wrote in her 2005 book, “The Firm,” about how Her Majesty felt about Diana and her novel approach to traditional royal style.

“The public loved Diana for all sorts of reasons,” she wrote, “but not least because people felt she was in tune with them. She connected with the public in a way they liked.”

Nonetheless, Junor is careful to note that this new way of relating, “wasn’t the royal way.”

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