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Truth About Jennifer Connelly Getting ‘Close’ To Justin Theroux

A year ago, Gossip Cop investigated a tabloid article that claimed that Justin Theroux was getting “too close” to Jennifer Connelly, who was and is married to Paul Bettany. The theory was based on some sketchy evidence. Twelve months later, we're looking back into the rumor to double-check the facts.

According to a June 2019 issue of Star, Connelly and Theroux were “raising eyebrows” after getting a little too comfy with each other at fashion events. An unnamed “source” told the outlet that the actors “always make a beeline for each other at gatherings” and that Theroux always makes sure to get a seat next to the Snowpiercer actress whenever possible.

The tabloid denounced this supposed proximity as “too close for comfort” as Jennifer Connelly had been married to Bettany for sixteen years at that point and already shared two children with him.

The ridiculous report was entirely unfounded. Theroux and Connelly are both signed by Louis Vuitton and often attend events associated with that brand, so they’re certainly friends.

But Gossip Cop was assured by Justin Theroux’s spokesperson that any claims suggesting their relationship was somehow inappropriate were fully false. Theroux, we noted, was also friends with Paul Bettany, and they’ve been seen sitting next to each other at events as well. Did that mean Theroux and Bettany were flirting? Of course not.

One year later, none of this is changed. Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly are still happily married, and Theroux is not trying to drive them apart. As is often the case, this article was just a weak attempt by a tabloid to push the false narrative that men and women can’t be platonic friends or coworkers.

Of course, ridiculous gossip about Theroux neither began nor ended with this article. As the ex-husband of Jennifer Aniston, perhaps the most notable current recipient of unsolicited tabloid chatter, Theroux is often the subject of bogus rumors about his personal life.

Last November, Star evidently decided the Mulholland Drive actor would abandon attempts at getting with Jennifer Connelly and was now dating Katie Holmes instead. Why, you ask? Apparently, both Holmes and Theroux were looking to start a “revenge romance” to get back at their respective exes, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston.

That story was chock-full of plot holes, but Gossip Cop was also informed by reps from both Theroux and Holmes’ camps that the two were not dating. They don’t appear to even know each other.

Somehow even more ridiculous was an article published in January by Star’s sister publication Life & Style. That story claimed that not only was Theroux in a relationship with Angelina Jolie, but it had progressed to the point where he had met her kids.

Naturally, that tabloid also reported that the “couple” had struck up a romance out of spite for their exes, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who had also allegedly gotten back together (they hadn’t, of course). Apparently, all these successful actors have nothing better to do than sit around plotting revenge against each other. 

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