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What Happened To Sandra Bullock’s Texas Wedding To Bryan Randall?

Last year, a tabloid claimed Sandra Bullock was marrying her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, in Austin, Texas. Of course, that never happened. Now, 365 days later, it’s evident the tabloid was wrong.

On May 12, 2019, the National Enquirer alleged Randall had “finally convinced” Bullock he was “marriage material.” 

The tabloid claimed Bullock was hesitant to walk down the aisle again following her divorce from Jesse James but over their long-term relationship, Randall proved to the actress that he “wouldn’t hurt her the same way.”

A so-called insider asserted Bullock was planning a fall wedding to Randall in her adopted hometown of Austin.

“The couple will exchange vows in front of A-list pals, such as Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston, and Sandra’s ex Ryan Gosling,” the dubious magazine claimed.

The anonymous “insider” told the publication, “She was determined to never marry again, but Bryan came into her life. He’s been great with her children, and that won her over.”

The unnamed tipster concluded the story by stating Bullock, “sees him as great daddy material, so it’s a win-win.” Given the story came out a year ago and no wedding has taken place, the Enquirer was off-base with its claim.

Bullock and Randall did not marry in some imaginary wedding in Texas. Also, the actress revealed to People magazine in 2015 that she didn’t see herself getting married again.

“I don’t think so, but I can see myself in a committed, safe relationship where there is lots of love and laughter, and ‘making memories’ is No. 1 on the to-do list.” Gossip Cop also checked in with a rep for Bullock at the time, who denied the story.

Gossip Cop has corrected several false narratives about Bullock supposedly marrying Randall. In November 2018, the Enquirer incorrectly claimed Bullock called off her wedding to Randall.

The unreliable tabloid asserted the actress changed her mind after realizing Randall wasn’t going to adopt her two children. 

Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Bullock who confirmed the story was not true. Also, the fabricated piece contradicted Bullock’s previous statement about marrying again.

The same month we busted this story, May 2019, Gossip Cop also busted Life & Style for alleging Bullock and Randall quietly wed at a backyard wedding.

The bogus magazine purported the actress the couple “had a super-casual ceremony in her cabin’s backyard. And only a few close friends, their families, and of course, their kids were there.” It was so small, it didn’t exist.

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