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A wrap up of everything we’ve not seen in ‘Persona 5 Royal’

Persona 5 Royal has introduced a lot of new content to the original Persona 5, making it an ultimate remaster to an already outstanding game. The final build of the game did offer a lot of things. But there is another side to the RPG that many did not see but were actually there.

The latter spoke of the contents that were originally designed for Royal, only to not make the cut in the final version. Thanks to the prolific datamining skill of the Twitter user, pan-hime, we've got to take a peek at the many unused contents of the game.

Here's a wrap up of all the "deleted scenes" which, for one reason or another, did not make into the final game.

Harem Valentine's Day (Bad Ending Route)

Ever wondered what it would have been like if Joker has been multi-timing and every girl confidants seem in on it, too?

In this unused, we get to see what it is like going through Maruki's version of reality. One that seems open in the idea of polygamy, involving the apparently polyamorous protagonist.

Sumire Yoshizawa Valentine's Day Scene (True Ending Route)

Being a new character to add as both a confidant and member of the Phantom Thieves, Sumire makes for as the inevitable girlfriend material.

This unused scene is not as romantic as the one seen in the final build. But this particular event frames a different scenario between Sumire and Joker. That of separation between two potential lovers.

All-Adult Confidant Party

What do you get when all "adult" confidants decided to throw a party to thank the Phantom Thieves' leader?

Literally, just that, as made ostensive by the absence of the younger members, including the rest of the Phantom Thieves.

White Day Date Prep Event (Bad Ending Route)

Continuing on the events that took place during the Bad Ending's Harem Valentine's day, this scene's almost the same event in the final build.

Only that Morgana is in human form and that Sojiro is aware of Joker's multiple girlfriends.

Maruki Palace Reveal (Alternative)

Dr. Maruki's sympathetic character makes him hardly the villainous type.

In an out-of-character manner, this scene shows how Maruki exhibits the stereotypical anti-hero.

Skytree Celebration

An alternative scene that takes place following the successful infiltration of Futaba's palace.

Originally a gathering aimed at conversing the gang's worries over Medjed, the scene ended with an anti-climatic choice to just enjoy the night.

Madarame Flashback

A scenario that shows the event culminating in Yusuke's mother's death following Madarame's willful inaction to prevent it.

Kamoshida Flashback

Yet, another unused scene featuring one of the game's villains. It features the life of Kamoshida and the events that led to his corruption.

Real World Jose Scene

Jose is one of Royal's enigmatic figure due to his inhuman behavior.

However, in this scene, Jose makes a complete human-like appearance who likes flowers as seen in the real world.

Akechi Third Persona Awakening

An alternative scene depicting Akechi's concerns of being in Maruki's version of reality and his subsequent awakening of the third persona.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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