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Alleged ‘Call of Duty 2020’ gameplay, weapons, other details leaked online

Alleged leaks and rumors continue to loom Activision’s next Call of Duty title. New information and footage recently emerge online, causing louder chatter within its fanbase community.

Following the no Battle Royale mode rumor for the Call of Duty 2020 title, other vital game mechanics were said to be revealed. In addition, video footage from a pre-alpha gameplay has been leaked as well.

A Call of Duty 2020 pre-alpha footage?

Per Comicbook, a 2-minute video footage has been leaked, revealing a pre-alpha capture of the upcoming 2020 title, which is strongly hyped to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to be developed by Treyarch—the Black Ops franchise developers for CoD. 

There have been doubts about the footage released, as the media outlet describes it as “very shoddy,” but it does confirm a CoD vibe to it, so it reportedly passes the “sniff test.”

Unfortunately, copies of the video have been aggressively taken down on Twitter, citing copyright report by the owner. For the origin of the alleged gameplay footage, Newsweek notes that it was “first mentioned by Call of Duty esports player Christopher ‘Oog’ Garcia.”

Newsweek quotes Garcia’s now-deleted message saying:

“Just watched 45 minutes of the new Call of Duty releasing this year and wow, I am amazed. Don’t ask how I got the gameplay. Just know we’re in for a wild ride boys and girls.”

As for the content, it, reportedly, shows a player carrying an MP5, with a classic Black Ops red dot sight, journeying around a map called “Tanks.” Per Dexerto, the features shown lacks “sliding or any advanced movement,” but mantling and running are present.

As always, readers are advised to take rumors and leaks with a grain of salt. Accordingly, Activision is keeping mum about the alleged video leak, but have been “issuing copyright strikes and DMCA warnings” to those who have been distributing snippets of the said footage.

Weapons, maps, and other leaked details

Moreover, in Comicbook‘s separate report, it enumerates the latest information shared by prominent Call of Duty insider, Tom Henderson. The most highlighted leak is the SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) being retained—making it a standard reportedly imposed by Activision.

For the Call of Duty 2020 maps, the leakers reveal the return of many classic Black Ops maps, including Nuketown, Fire Range, and Summit. According to The Gaming Revolution’s recent YouTube upload, the weapons to be made available are 1911 Pistol, M16, Colt Revolver, AR_7_4, and Daewoo K2.

Activision is said to officially reveal Call of Duty 2020 during Sony’s PlayStation 5 event, which has been delayed in light of the recent U.S. protests.


Featured image courtesy of  hmomoy/Flickr

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