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Angelina, Jennifer Are Not In A ‘Feud’ And This Is The Reason

Just a year after the split of Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie opened up on their relationship. Meanwhile, Aniston showed her maturity by praising Jolie in one of her interviews.

Many say Jolie’s entry into the Troy star’s life changed Jen’s world. It is a known fact that the Friends alum was happily married to the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood until the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith started. Brangelina soon took Hollywood by storm. 

Just after a year of the famous split of Pitt and Aniston, Jolie came out in the open about her relationship with the actor. She even mentioned how eagerly she waited to get back to the sets of Mr. & Mrs. Smith every day. 

It was quite obvious that the actress was referring to her romance with the Fight Club star. Reports had it that Aniston referred to the statement as “uncool.” There were reports that The Morning Show star criticized the Maleficent actress and said certain details she shared were inappropriate to be revealed to all. 

People have often wondered what the equation between Jolie and Aniston is and there have been endless reports suggesting that the two are at loggerheads. 

Fans felt there was a cold war between these two actresses on several occasions. While Brad Pitt appears to be the major reason for their alleged feud, it seems Jennifer Aniston has let bygones be bygones. 

Jen went to the extent of praising Angelina Jolie’s film Unlocked in 2015. The actress praised Jolie’s acting and said not only was the film beautiful but she also did “a gorgeous job.”

Jennifer Aniston was asked about her rumored feud with Jolie to which Jen responded that people should put an end to all those speculations and start acknowledging “great work” instead, Koimoi.com reports. Jen’s statements revealed her mature side and made her even more popular among her fans. 

Meanwhile, the Maleficent star came forward in support of the movement called Black Lives Matter. Jolie donated $200,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Entertainment Tonight reports. 

The star told the outlet that rights are not meant for any particular group to give to another group. No one should tolerate, justify, or explain impunity and discrimination.

The actress hoped all citizens of the United States should unite and address the evils in the society. Jolie declared her support to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and their battle to achieve social justice and racial equality.

It has been also reported that Angelina Jolie has been engaged in conducting tough and necessary chats about racism with her six children for many years now. 

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