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‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ releases new seasonal items

For months, Animal Crossing New Horizons dominated Nintendo’s eShop as the best-selling game.

To stay on top, Animal Crossing New Horizons releases upgrades and new features to ensure its dominance in the marketplace. It appears that the family-friendly game aims to be the best with its new seasonal items.

Animal Crossing New Horizons presence in the market

Microsoft's Minecraft Dungeons recently unseated Animal Crossing New Horizons in the number one spot. Even though Minecraft Dungeons was a new game that was released in the market, it has already taken the best seller spot.

Meanwhile, Animal Crossing New Horizons had dominated the number one spot since March. Even the video game industry analyst, Benji-Sales wrote on Twitter:

“Animal Crossing New Horizons had been #1 since early March. That’s 3 months of dominance. As we are seeing on Xbox, Minecraft Dungeons is performing very strong, and is now #1 on Switch.”

Reasons for Microsoft’s Minecraft Dungeons’ success

Despite being a family favorite game, Animal Crossing New Horizons failed to ensure its top spot. For one, Minecraft Dungeons also has its perks. For one, Minecraft Dungeons sells at $20, which is a lot cheaper than Animal Crossing’s $60 price tag.

Furthermore, Minecraft Dungeons is even cheaper than the rest of Nintendo’s top 10 saleable games. It can’t be denied that the Minecraft Dungeons game is one of the most popular game series worldwide.

Thus, it would not be a surprise if it will also dominate the Nintendo eShop. Additionally, both kids and adults enjoy the game’s features and gameplay.

Animal Crossing New Horizons releases new seasonal items

Meanwhile, as Minecraft Dungeons attains the number one spot, Animal Crossing New Horizons will not lightly back down. Avid players will be happy to know that Animal Crossing is adding summer and winter solstice season items for this season.

The seasonal items include two new solstice-themed options, which are available at the Resident Service. The Summer-solstice crown sells at 1,560 Bells. On the other hand, the adorable Winter-solstice sweater can be purchased at 1,200 Bells.

Players should start collecting Bells as both items are only available until July 6. To buy the limited items, players can go to the “Nook Shopping” section and click on the Seasonal Tab in the Resident Service.

Microsoft’s Minecraft Dungeons vs. Animal Crossing

Microsoft’s Minecraft Dungeons is a spinoff game of Mojang and Microsoft. Moreover, it carries a small resemblance to the original gameplay. Despite that, the game receives high praise from both gamers and critics.

For instance, players are enjoying the game’s music, visual, as well the gameplay itself. To boost the game, Mojang is already planning to add more content to it. The update includes creating Cross-platform multiplayer support.

Also, the update will support all major gaming platforms. On the other hand, the switch version of the game competes with its Xbox One and PC counterparts. Besides, Animal Crossing New Horizons offers flexibility in crafting and re-crafting elements found in the game.

Created by Nintendo, the game sold 11 million copies by the end of March. Animal Crossing is uniting people as the game is designed to be shared. Players are captivated by the game because it conjures the effect of the living world and includes features that fit the modern era.

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