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‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’: tips when summer update arrives

It’s a big month for Animal Crossing New Horizons players as Nintendo is set to release a free summer update that adds a few features to the game. Players still have time to prepare for when the update arrives as well.

The first wave of the summer updates for Animal Crossing New Horizons is due out tomorrow, and it brings a lot of new features in the game. Here’s what players should do first once the update arrives.

Buy a wet suit

One of the most significant features coming in the summer update is the ability to swim and dive deep into the waters. Players won’t be able to do so as they please, as they will need to have a wet suit equipped before they can do so.  Players can head to the ABD machine at the island center to grab a wet suit.

There are various wet suit designs to collect, so players should check out the new one each day.

Dive deep!

Once players have a wet suit, they may want to immediately begin collecting the deep-sea creatures that are available in the game. Not only will this expand their encyclopedia, but these creatures can be donated to the museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons as well.

We have to know exactly how the feature works in the game, but it seems like players can only dive for a limited amount of time. Players will be able to see what’s below as well, so they know what they are targetting.

Meet the newcomers

The update will introduce Pascal to the island. He can be found swimming in the waters, and players can talk to him for some rewards. If players can bring a sea creature to Pascal, he can give DIY recipes for mermaid themed furniture in the game.

Gulliver will also arrive, but this time he is in a pirate costume. He can be seen washed ashore, and players will need to talk to him several times to wake him up. If his mechanics are the same as before, then we will need to find his radio transistors scattered on the beaches again.

The first summer update arrives tomorrow for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Players should prepare themselves by getting a few bells for the wet suit. There is another summer update coming in August, but we have yet to know what these will have.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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