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‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’: What could be added next after the first free summer update

Nintendo surprised players of Animal Crossing New Horizons last week with the reveal of a new free content update to drop on July 3. The developers had more surprised by the end of the video, and these are what fans are mostly excited about.

The July 3 content update for Animal Crossing New Horizons will add swimming and diving to the game. By the end of the trailer, we were told that the upcoming free content update was just the first wave of what’s to come. Here’s what Nintendo could be adding in August.

Farming and cooking

The swimming and diving mechanics were expected by players of the game as they were datamined in the game’s code before. There are still many other features that were found in the datamine, and two of the most exciting are farming and cooking. These are exciting as these have never been in any Animal Crossing before.

The datamine suggests that players will soon be able to plant crops like tomatoes, potatoes, and more. As for cooking, players will be able to make dishes with the help of a new NPC. These features might come soon as the datamine suggest that seafood is going to be part of the recipes, and the diving mechanic adds a lot of new shellfish to the game.

Brewster and the Cafe

Brewster and the cafe are two of the most requested Animal Crossing New Horizons features. Every player wants to have a cafe on their island already, and the datamine reveals that these will come eventually. Nintendo is teasing a big content update for August, so there’s a good chance that we’ll be getting these features as well.

However, the update is summer-themed, and a cafe doesn’t fit well with what Nintendo wants to add. Still, fans are hopeful that these things come soon.

Summer-themed structures

The coast in the island is the least utilized area. Players can drop furniture on the beach but that’s about it. It would be great if players can build more structures on it which are summer-themed. Maybe a stand for ice cream or swimming apparel would fit well on this area.

The upcoming Animal Crossing New Horizons summer update is going to be one of the biggest content updates for the game yet. Fans are hoping as early as now that in the future, there will be an even better summer content update in August.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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