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Judge Grants Ariana Grande, Mom Restraining Order Against Aggressive Fan

Ariana Grande and her mother, Joan, came out victorious recently after securing a restraining order against an aggressive fan who was arrested in her Los Angeles mansion in April.

Fidel Henriquez was ordered not to go near Ariana, her mother and their house or vehicles. According to the restraining order, he must not come within 100 yards of the “One Last Time” hitmaker and Joan until May 5, 2025.

According to TMZ, the obsessed supporter was also ordered not to reach out, threaten or harass Grande. This involves phone calls and messages, as well as direct messages online.

The mother-daughter duo immediately sought protection from a judge after the harrowing incident of Henriquez trespassing their property on March 14. Henriquez knocked on the door of the 26-year-old’s home, asking to see the singer, E! News reported.

After telling Ariana’s crazy fan that his idol was not home, the property manager reportedly called the police. When officers from the Los Angeles Police Department arrived and detained the man, he allegedly became irate.

Although Grande hasn’t openly talked about the matter, documents obtained by Independent showed that the singer was shaken after knowing that the man was found to have been combing through her garbage.

It also revealed that Henriquez’s backpack has a creepy note that said he wanted to kill the former Nickelodeon child star.

“As a result of Mr. Henriquez's actions, I have suffered, and continue to suffer, emotional distress. I am afraid that Mr. Henriquez will come to my home in the future,” Joan declared in the document.

Meanwhile, Ariana is not keeping silent on the current situation, urging her fans and followers on Twitter not to take things lightly. She underscored the need to strictly follow social distancing as the numbers of deaths and those infected by the new strain of the coronavirus keep soaring.


The songstress further slammed people who were underestimating the magnitude of the pandemic and advised them to read about what’s happening to become aware. Ariana also called out those who feel they are not susceptible to the disease just because they are young.

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