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Beyoncé and Jay Z surprise Reese Witherspoon with a case of champagne; Check it out

Beyonce and JAY-Z just surprised Reese Witherspoon with the perfect gift! Following the Golden Globe Awards. The actress came home to a beautiful surprise from Beyoncé and Hov. The couple surprised the actress by sending her a stunning bouquet of white flowers and an opulent case of Armand de Brignac champagne, the luxury brand owned by Jay-Z.

Unable to her excitement, Resse gushed about the gift on her Instagram story. “I just got home from New York and the most beautiful flowers are here and, guys, a case of Ace of Spades champagne,” she said.

The gift came with a sweet little note and the actress read it out for her fans. “More water, from Jay and B,” the note said. The actress received the gift a day after she posted a Photoshopped meme of herself hovering over the couple as they sipped their champagne during Sunday’s Golden Globes.

Reportedly, the couple brought their champagne to the award ceremony. While the actress titled the picture “When you hear Reese Witherspoon is thirsty”, in the caption she wrote, “Hide your champagne, y’all!”


After gushing about the couple’s gesture, the actress proceeded to try the champagne with her mother. “It's really good,” she said and her mother added, “Delicious, whoa.” Both Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston had some of JAY-Z’s branded champagne during the star-studded award ceremony. Reportedly, following the award show, Jennifer revealed that Witherspoon had asked the musical couple if they could get some of their champagne after they ran out of water at their table.

Check out Reese Witherspoon's reaction here:

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