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Blizzard reveals reception on recent Experimental Mode in ‘Overwatch’

Blizzard introduced a few changes to the Experimental Mode in Overwatch last week, which focused on nerfs and buffs for some heroes. A week later, we know now how players perceive the latest changes and whether or not these will make their way into the live servers.

The Experimental Mode in Overwatch last week focused on some minor but necessary changes to Hanzo, Genji, Echo, and Moira. The changes were being tested in hopes of bringing back the Shimada brothers into the Meta. It also wanted to force Moira users into healing instead of dealing damage. Lastly, the changes hoped to balance out Echo even further.

Here’s what the developers have to say after a few days of testing.

Devs have mixed reaction over changes

Speaking to players over at the Blizzard forums, Community Manager Molly Fender reveals the early finding of the Experimental Mode update. As there are four changes being tested, it should not be surprising that reception has been mixed so far.

For Genji, the developers have been happy with his changes so far. According to them, the change made the half of the Shimada brother more viable against heroes like Doomfist and Echo. In general, the devs believe that this can increase the hero’s pick’s rates once again.

As for Moira, the developers have a lot more to say about one of the most controversial support heroes in Overwatch.

Referring to the test, Molly says, “we were looking for ways to decrease Moira's damage while maintaining her overall power level by increasing her healing per second on Primary Fire. From the start, we were pretty hesitant about these changes, but we wanted to give players a chance to play and provide opinions as well – that's the beauty of Experimental Card! We're glad we did the experiment, but we feel that this test still doesn't hit our goals for Moira overall.”


As for Echo and Hanzo, the developers have yet to say what they think about the changes. However, since Hanzo’s experimental changes are revert a nerf made earlier this year, it’s likely that it will be retained.

When will the changes go live?

Blizzard is yet to reveal when the changes will go live. However, it’s likely that the update featuring these changes won’t be implemented up until the anniversary event ends or up until the Experimental Mode is still available.

Blizzard’s efforts to once again balance Overwatch is persistent. Hopefully, these tested changes are enough to shift the meta again.


Images used courtesy of Blizzard

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