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Bombazo Jennifer Aniston and Friends! Returns? This has just been known and it is brutal!

Jennifer Aniston was one of the lucky actresses who starred in the series that marked a style on television. Friends were the beginning of a legend on the small screen. It seems like a fantasy that 26 years after the first episode and 16 years after the last one, idolatry is still maintained by the characters and they pass chapters in different channels.

This was the most important work for all the main actors, in fact, no other subsequent work approached such success. There is a bombshell that is being prepared, but there is no confirmation yet. Is the best series of friends back?

The reunion plan began by Warner Media, this to give great popularity to the HBO Max streaming platform. The project is still suspended because it is no longer negotiating with young people wanting to grow, but with experienced actors from other economic demands.

Kevin Reilly, who is an HBO Max executive, commented on the idea of ​​re-making Friends: “There is interest in all parties, but we are not able to align all interests to get ahead.” A subtle way of expressing that they couldn’t pay what all the actors were asking for.

Jennifer Aniston is in favor of the reunion

The popular Rachel Green has been one of the most important actresses in the cast, in addition, the one that best remains at 50 years of age. As a leader, she wanted to promote the reunion with her teammates, even if the dream is still far away.

Warner Media will try again when it has a better offer for everyone because it is an opportunity that can make history in terms of the number of viewers worldwide. 

Jennifer Aniston revealed that she is doing everything in her power so that it can be done. Will we see Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Joey Tribbiani and Rachel Green together again?

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