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Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Have A Secret Daughter, EXPOSED?

Brad Pitt and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston have been making a lot of noise. It began with their reunion at SAG awards as fans went berserk with those dreamy pictures. In fact, that also began the reports around their reconciliation. Now, the couple is said to have a secret child. Below is all the scoop you need.

The rumours stem due to Brad Pitt’s estranged relation with Angelina Jolie. It is being said that the Salt actress is devastated by her ex-husband’s reunion with Jennifer Aniston. Owing to the same, she is keeping their 6 children away from the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor. Amid all of these, Brad has finally found his child to shower love on.

This reported child is actually the actor’s niece who he ‘loves like his own.’ The young Sydney has recently graduated from a prestigious college in US. Uncle Brad Pitt has been showering a lot of love on her. He has even given the keys to his Saint Barbara mansion as a graduation present.

But how Jennifer Aniston? A source close to New Idea reveals it all as, “Sydney was born right around when Brad and Jen began dating. She was a tiny baby when Brad brought Jen home to Missouri to meet his parents and his brother, Doug – Sydney’s dad.”

But that’s not it. The report further takes a dig at Angelina Jolie, citing Jennifer Aniston as a better aunt. “Because of that, Jen shares a special bond with her, too. Sydney has always called her Aunt Jen – something that bothered Angelina no end when Brad was married to her,” adds the source.

While it is mostly the entire family vacationing at the mansion, Brad Pitt is finally going his way out for his beloved niece.

The source concludes, “I’ve heard he’s even thrown in the use of his beloved Tesla. He trusts Sydney implicitly, as if she was his own daughter. He knew she had a good head on her shoulders when she started showing interest in studying to be an architect.”

Well, Brad Pitt must love his niece but about Jennifer Aniston’s close association, only time will tell what the truth is!

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