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Brad Pitt, Lena Dunham Awkward Kiss Caught on Camera Finally Addressed

Producer, writer, and actress Lena Dunham have finally addressed her awkward red carpet moment with Brad Pitt last year. The 33-year-old star was caught on camera leaning in to kiss Brad Pit, while he distractedly looked off into the distance while they were at the London premiere of the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The "almost kiss" photo

Lena said on Watch What Happens Live! that she does not know if people still remember the awkward photo taken of her and Pitt. She said that the internet read it as her causing the 56-year-old actor a great deal of stress because she invaded his space. Lena said that she would never force a kiss on Pitt and that she respects him as an artist and a friend.

The actress said that after the premiere, Pitt took her into a room and they secretly ate pizza. She said that Pitt gave his ring to her because she liked it. Lena starred with Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio, along with other stars in the Quentin Tarantino movie.

Flirting with celebrities

Lena appeared through a video call with Dua Lipa on May 11 and dished about flirting with celebrities through social media. The 24-year-old pop star and Lena made the revelations while playing a game with host Andy Cohen during the show.

Cohen asked them if they had ever slid into another celebrity's DMs for some light flirting on social media. Dua, who called all the way from London where she currently resides, and Lena, who is in California, both answered yes and Andy offered bonus points if either of them would identify the celebrity.

Lena admitted that she sent a message to one of the Skarsgard brothers but she can't remember which. She said that she got a cozy response from the celebrity. Dua, on the other hand, said that she slid into the DMs of her now boyfriend, model Anwar Hadid.

Andy then asked if it was how their relationship started and Dua said that they met a barbecue before it carried on in direct messages on social media. Dua and Anwar, who is the son of reality star Yolanda Hadid and brother to models Gigi and Bella Hadid, have been quarantining together in London.

The pop singer released her second studio album Future Nostalgia in March and has received widespread critical acclaim. Andy asked if she knew that the release date for the deluxe edition of her album but the singer did not divulge it as she was not ready.

Dua recorded songs with fellow pop stars Miley Cyrus and Normani but the songs did not make Future Nostalgia and Cohen asked if they would be on the deluxe edition. According to the singer, the song with Miley did not work out, but they both want to get in the studio to do something different. As for her song with Normani, she assured fans that it would be released.

Lena offered to collaborate on a comedic remix of Dua's hit song Don't Start Now with more specific lyrics. Dua admitted that she is already goofed around with a Don't Start Now lyric change on the internet.

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