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Brad Pitt Terrified Angelina Jolie Will Move Their Kids To Africa?

Is Angelina Jolie planning on moving her and Brad Pitt’s kids to Africa through a loophole in their custody agreement? That’s what a tabloid reported back in November 2019. 

Woman’s Day Australia reported last November that Jolie was considering breaking her custody agreement with ex-husband Pitt and moving with the kids to Africa. A so-called “source” close to Jolie told the outlet, “She’s restless. She wants out of Hollywood and she doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, especially not Brad’s. She wants those kids raised outside of the United States.”

Angelina Jolie Considering Leaving The Country?

Though she’s still bound by the rules of her custody agreement, the insider insists Jolie was on the verge of throwing caution to the wind and simply taking the kids to Africa, where she told Harper’s Bazaar she was breaking ground on a home in 2020.

In that interview, Jolie admitted she’d love for her children to “grow up in the world,” which this publication apparently took to mean that she was moving them to Africa as soon as their home was completed.

Pitt, according to a source supposedly close to the Ad Astra actor, was very concerned about the situation. “He’s worried that one day she’ll just pull a stunt like diverting their jet from say, Paris, to Cape Town, and there won’t be a damn thing he can do about it.”

The suspicious insider went on to say that Jolie’s alleged plan to just jump on a plane and leave the country one day “sucks for Brad,” who has “played by the book and done all the right things.” If Jolie does end up taking the kids to Africa, the insider ominously concluded, Pitt would “never forgive her.”

The Real Facts

Gossip Cop investigated this rumor and found it to be false. The outlet seems to have cherry-picked parts of the Harper’s Bazaar interview in order to fit the narrative they’d decided on. The publication paraphrases the one quote that proves Jolie isn’t planning on living abroad herself, let alone with her children, until they reach adulthood. “I would love to live abroad and will do so as soon as my children are 18.

Right now I’m having to base where their father chooses to live.” In that same interview, Jolie also mentions having a home in Cambodia where she sometimes stays with her children. Why is there no story about how she plans to move to her already completed Cambodian home? We suppose that doesn’t sound as dramatic as sneaking the kids to Africa.

Sensing A Theme From The Tabloids

This is far from the first time a tabloid has weighed in on Jolie and Pitt’s custody situation. NW wrote a story claiming Jolie was withholding their kids from Pitt because he was dating Alia Shawkat.

A supposed source who spoke with the publication claimed Jolie was even about to get on a plane with the kids and leave the country without Pitt’s permission but was stopped at the last minute by a cop buddy of Pitt’s. Gossip Cop reached out to sources close to Pitt and Jolie for answers and was assured that the story was completely false.

Earlier this year, Life & Style reported that Jolie was trying to “destroy” Pitt by demanding full custody of their children and dating one of his friends. Gossip Cop was told by a trusted source close to the Maleficent actress that Jolie isn’t demanding custody or dating a pal of Pitt’s.

Everything she does is in the best interest of her children, and “destroying” their father is definitely not in their best interest. These tabloids seem to only be interested in making Jolie the villain, while she’s really just a mom who’s trying to do right by her kids.

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