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Brad Pitt’s pal Alia Shawkat apologises for racial slur after clip resurfaces

 Brad Pitt's close friend Alia Shawkat said she is 'ashamed and embarrassed' after the video from 2016 saw her singing the lyrics of a Drake song in which the racial slur is used.

Alia has now issued an apology after an interview  saw her use a line from Drake's 2013 hit 'We Made It' which featured Soulja Boy.

Alia, in her apology, admitted that she shouldn't have said it as its “never a word to be used by someone who is not black.”


The 31-year-old actress shared a multi-slide Instagram in which she laid out her thoughts and an apology amid Black Lives Matter protests on both sides of the Atlantic.

Alia wrote: "I am writing this to address a video of me quoting a song with the n-word in it as part of an interview 4 years ago.

"I am deeply sorry and take full responsibility. It was a careless moment, one I am ashamed and embarrassed by, but vow to learn from.

"I regret using a word that carries so much pain and history to black people, as it was never a word to be used by someone who is not black.”

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