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Camilla Allegedly Revamped Her Image In Preparation To Replace Queen

Camilla Parker Bowles allegedly lost a considerable amount of weight as part of her preparations to replace Queen Elizabeth.

While speaking with New Idea, nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters discussed Camilla’s weight loss and shared what she thinks Prince Charles’ wife did to get rid of her unwanted weight.

The expert said that it is possible for Camilla to have followed a form of caloric restriction such as intermittent fasting. The Duchess of Cornwall’s diet must have also included mostly antioxidant-rich foods and anti-inflammatory foods. It is possible that Camilla limited her sugar intake.

But New Idea claimed that Camilla tried to lose weight to ensure that she is in the best physical condition to rule the country one day. The publication also claimed that Camilla is trying to show her down-to-earth, friendly, and youthful side so that she could appeal to the masses.

However, royal commentator Christopher Wilson told the publication that there are still no plans for Camilla to be crowned queen. After all, Queen Elizabeth is still very much willing and able to lead the monarchy.

As such, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. And take note of the fact that Camilla won’t replace the queen when she passes away or abdicates. Prince Charles is the one that will replace Her Majesty.

But since Prince Charles is a man, he will be crowned as king. And his wife, Camilla will become queen because of their marriage and not because of her royal roots.

Meanwhile, Camilla also made headlines this week after her wedding tiara was compared to the tiara that Princess Diana wore when she tied the knot.

While speaking with Express, gemologist Alex Michell first discussed the Cubitt-Shand tiara that Camilla wore. The tiara is adorned with diamonds of varying sizes in a flower and leaf design. Camilla’s tiara is estimated at over $300,000.

The Spencer tiara, on the other hand, does not belong to the royal family. Rather, it is owned by Princess Diana’s family.

Princess Diana’s tiara was made of silver and gold settings. And it is also mounted with diamonds. The design includes tulips and other flowers.

The Spencer tiara is estimated at over $37 million today. After all, it instantly became one of the most sought-after tiaras in the United Kingdom because it was worn by the late Princess of Wales on her wedding day.

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