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Camilla Parker Bowles And Kate Middleton ‘Fighting For The Throne’?

Camilla Parker Bowles is not battling with her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, for her spot as Queen Consort. A problematic tabloid article’s claims that she is displays a number of inaccuracies. 

A report this week in New Idea lays out a number of conjectures about how Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is trying to “prove” herself to Queen Elizabeth that she is the right woman to become queen consort when her husband becomes king upon the queen’s death.

The bogus article claims Parker Bowles has slimmed down in an effort to convince the queen she, not Middleton, should be queen.

After explaining what it thinks Parker Bowles has done to lose weight, the phony story takes a quick turn into the ridiculous.

According to a so-called “royal insider,” the duchess is upset that Prince William and Middleton have stepped up and stolen the spotlight from Prince Charles and Parker Bowles in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But, this supposed “insider” says, “Camilla is not going down without a fight.”

The dubious source goes on to say, “She’s told Kate she will do whatever it takes to get the crown.” This “source” even goes on to allege, “Camilla was seething and accused [Middleton] of the ‘ultimate betrayal’ and going behind her back to steal the throne.”

The source then adds that while “Camilla wants the chance to prove herself as queen,” the source purports the queen wants to “allow Kate and William to reign” because it will “reinstate public confidence” and “ensure the future of the monarchy at such a crucial time.”

As usual, there is a lot to unpack from this mess of a story. For starters, Prince William and Kate have not been named the next king and queen, despite the tabloid hinting at that.

Queen Elizabeth II has no say in who the next king will be, the order of succession is determined by parliamentary law, as Gossip Cop has repeatedly pointed out.

The second problem with the story is that Parker Bowles will not be named queen, nor queen consort when Prince Charles does ascend to the throne. Once again, this is parliamentary law, not the choice of the current queen or the Prince of Wales.

Normally, the woman married to the king would carry the title of queen, however, since Parker Bowles was previously divorced, a decision was made that Camilla Parker Bowles would NOT gain the title and would instead be the Princess Consort.

She won’t be queen, even when Prince Charles becomes king. The tabloid has no idea what it is talking about, clearly, nor does its source, who is almost certainly NOT a “royal insider” as any royal insider would understand the line of succession.

This is hardly the first time this tabloid has looked foolish when reporting on the royal couple.

A month ago, New Idea purported the prince and the duchess were “torn apart” on their anniversary. The reason, claimed the outlet, was that they were both in isolation after Prince Charles tested positive for Covid-19.

Of course, by the time their anniversary arrived, Prince Charles was healthy and both were out of quarantine. The tabloid guessed very wrong.

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