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Celebrate ‘Dead by Daylight’s’ fourth year anniversary by claiming these rewards

In celebration of Dead by Daylights‘ four years since its release, the game is rolling out a few surprises that players can take advantage of beginning June 23 until July 7, 2020. They include temporary but new in-game mechanics, special-event generators and hooks, and additional aesthetics.

All of the players can claim by simply logging into the game or by completing in-game challenges.

Not Your Average Crown

Making one of the major highlights of the event is the Anniversary Crown, which scatters in the field for players to claim. There is no specific location where the "crown" spawns at any given play session, but the appearance is guaranteed every time.

While not technically representative of the traditional crown, players will find it hard to miss when the object appears. This is given by the fact that the spawn is conspicuous and mysterious enough to not draw attention.

Once claimed in the field, it gives the player—killer or survivor—a golden glow. A survivor who manages to escape a play session while be bearing the golden hue and gets to get the Anniversary Crown. The same also applies to a Killer who surpasses the Trial by killing the Survivors in a given round, golden glow in tow.

The crown is rewarded only to a specific character who meets the aforementioned condition. This, therefore, necessitates each player to play with all plausible recipients to get the limited-time equipment for them all. Note that only the original characters, including the killer, in the overall roster can equip the Anniversary Crown. That is a total of 14 characters in all.

Limited-Time Freebies

Getting all crowns for each character is indeed hard work. But the game even rewards those who merely take an effort to log into the game during the entirety of the event. For every time players log into their account on specified times, they get the following:


23 – 25: The Deathslinger: Pecan Crown (4th Anniversary)25 – 28: Claudette Morel: Fitted Button-Up (4th Anniversary)28 – 30: The Deathslinger: Radical Badland Grit (4th Anniversary)23 – 30: 4th Anniversary Charm

Between June and July

June 30 – July 2: Claudette Morel: Woolen Berret (4th Anniversary)June 30 – July 7: Year 4 Cake Charm


2 – 5: The Deathslinger: Red Peak Jacket (4th Anniversary)5 – 7: Claudette Morel: Skinny Denim (4th Anniversary)

Image used courtesy of Dead by Daylight/YouTube Screenshot

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