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Cole Sprouse introduces new look following Lili Reinhart alleged breakup

Cole Sprouse shared his latest “transformation look” on Instagram. This comes after allegations emerged that he and Lili Reinhart have broken up.

Cole Sprouse, alongside Lili Reinhart, has become the center of many headlines in recent weeks. Amid the pandemic crisis, several claims revealed that the pair have broken up since March.

While publications reportedly have sources and insiders, the shocking news has remained “unconfirmed.” But, as pointed out, the celebrity duo is not in quarantine together, and still “good friends,” a source told Page Six.

Following the split rumors, Cole Sprouse surprised his followers and fans on social media. As it happened, he posted his latest “transformation” look on Instagram, according to Refinery29.

Cole Sprouse transforms his look amid lockdown

Cole Sprouse recently posted a set of photos on the platform. He reportedly “showed off” his new hairstyle and look in an “impromptu” shoot.

As stated, Alex Hainer took the shots showing Cole in his much lighter hair color and “waxed mustache.” He also has a “newly grown-out beard,” too, as per Marie Claire.

The publication then added that Riverdale likely “mandated” the actor’s usual look for the past few years. But, considering that the show has since stopped due to the COVID-19 crisis, it reportedly makes total sense that he would do something different with his hair and style.


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Did he do it because of the break-up?

As the split rumors continue to develop, several fans and followers are reportedly concluding that Cole Sprouse had to do a “transformation look” because he is no longer with Lili Reinhart. While it is plausible, the actor reportedly revealed the actual reason behind it.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Cole reportedly addressed his new look. As explained, he did it for an “upcoming role,” which has remained undisclosed. However, this was reportedly on hold because of the pandemic crisis.

He also mentioned that he had troubles “growing it out” since the beginning. So, he decided to keep it for a while, as per the report.

He is with KJ Apa in Los Angeles

While Cole Sprouse may not be with Lili Reinhart amid the lockdown, Dylan Sprouse revealed that his brother is in self-isolation with another Riverdale co-star, KJ Apa, as per InStyle.

As stated, Cole and KJ “ended up staying together” in the latter’s place in Los Angeles. They are “isolating together,” Dylan added.

He also revealed that he and Cole Sprouse still do “FaceTime every day.” Dylan then reportedly said that his brother is “getting healthy” and “relaxing” amid the crisis in the United States.


Featured image courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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