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Courteney Cox Played ‘Pivotal Role’ In Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt Reunion

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt just reunited at the SAG Awards, and their fans hope that the former couple would also rekindle their romance.

But it has now been revealed that an Aniston-Pitt reunion wouldn’t have been possible if not for the actress’ “Friends” co-star, Courteney Cox. In fact, Aniston and Pitt wouldn’t even have patched things up if not for Cox.

According to The Sun, Cox was the one that gave Pitt Aniston’s current number. And the “Ad Astra” star didn’t waste any more time to contact his ex-wife.

“Courtney would love nothing more than to see her best friend reunite with the man she’s never stopped loving. After all, it was in many ways because of Courtney that they reunited, she is the reason they started speaking again after their split,” a source said.

Pitt and Cox bumped into each other at a charity music gig in Los Angeles. While there, the two talked about Aniston. Cox told Pitt that his ex-wife is in a really good and happy place at that time.

“Courtney isn’t one to go in all guns blazing, she’s gentle and fun so when she saw Brad they caught up and reminisced a little about old times. Brad agreed with this and it was then that Courtney took the plunge and told Brad that if he wanted to reach out to Jen and talk to her, then she thought she’d be really open to this,” the source said.

Pitt sent Aniston a message and it was reportedly baby steps from there. Eventually, the former couple started talking to each other more frequently, and they managed to become friends.

Cox, who played the role of Monica Geller, on the hit NBC sitcom for years. Even though she has not directly commented on Aniston and Pitt’s SAG Awards reunion, the actress was unable to keep her feelings about it a secret.

On social media, Cox liked a few photos and comments about Aniston and Pitt. The actress even liked a fan’s tweet that said that Aniston and Pitt are still in love.

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