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Why Princess Diana GAVE UP On Marriage With Prince Charles — REVEALED!

Princess Diana once tried to salvage her marriage with Prince Charles, but she soon realized it would never happen.

The late Princess of Wales never thought that her "Wedding of the Century" would be followed by years of heartbreaks due to her husband's infidelity and unkind words.

Despite all her efforts to save their then-dying marriage for the sake of their two sons Princes William and Harry, Princess Diana realized that everything between them was over during a walk along the Dorset coast.

Royal author Andrew Morton narrated in his 1992 book titled "Diana: Her True Story" the moment when the Princess of Wales knew that "hopes for reconciliation with her husband were over" and when her realization became a reality.

"It was time for the princess to take stock. She remembers the occasion well, driving out of the claustrophobia of Kensington Palace with its spy cameras, watchful courtiers, and prison walls to her favourite stretch of beach on the Dorset coast," Morton wrote.

As the royal princess walked through the coastline, she was aware that it was already time to give up her marriage with the heir to the throne.

The royal author went on and claimed that Prince Charles' hostile indifference made Princess Diana's thoughts of starting anew wholly impossible.

Before she came up with the decision to split with Prince Charles, she still tried to fulfill and satisfy everything that he wanted -- even to the point of copying the behavior and attitude of Camilla, now the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles' wife. However, that particular move did not work out and was an "unmitigated disaster" instead.

It broke Diana's heart how the 1981 "fairytale wedding," which was supported by over 750 million audiences and watchers all over the globe, would end up in divorce.

Even Princess Diana's sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Baroness Jane Fellowes, were said to be "envious" since she married the U.K. monarchy's heir to the throne.

Diana's Heartbreak

Even though Prince Charles was never on her side, Princess Diana still tried to save their relationship by talking to her husband numerous times and to Camilla during her sister's birthday party.

For the last time, Princess Diana tried to change Charles' mind before she finally gave up.

In Ingrid Seward's book "The Queen and Di: The Untold Story," the writer mentioned that the two met in Kensington Palace where Princess Diana allegedly asked Prince Charles, "Why did this have to happen?"

She fought for their relationship until they finalized their divorce in 1996.

Right after they finalized their separation, the royal princess shared with her personal trainer and confidant, Jenni Rivett, that she only wanted to breathe for a while and not to divorce. However, Queen Elizabeth II urged the two to finally do it in order to prevent further damages.

"She loved Charles. She wasn't the one who wanted to separate or divorce. She was sad about it," Rivett told Yahoo's The Royal Box. "She wanted to be a loving wife."

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