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Did Angelina Jolie Date One Of Her Bodyguards?

Last year, a tabloid claimed Angelina Jolie was “falling” for one of her bodyguards. This was completely inaccurate. Looking back, it’s easy to see why the story was busted by us.

Gossip Cop reported that the National Enquirer alleged Jolie was “growing close” to a hunky security guard, while shooting the film, Those Who Wish Me Dead, in New Mexico.

"Angie melts when she's around this guy and dotes on him like he's her whole world. They've been inseparable for weeks,” a supposed source told the paper.

The so-called tipster continued Jolie’s “handsome new suitor” also managed to win over her children by showering them with gifts. For her to consider anyone boyfriend material they have to be great with her kids and cope with her level of fame, plus be devastatingly handsome, of course," the questionable tipster stated.

The unnamed source added, “It would make sense if she's jumped in and started dating this guy, but only time will tell if she confirms either way."

The supposed insider further contended that Jolie’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt, was sure to be upset with his former wife’s latest beau and "won't find it easy seeing his kids bonding with another guy, but Angie has the right to move on, and there's nothing to stop her from dating whoever she wants." The tabloid’s story, however, was fabricated.

Given the story came out a year ago and there hasn’t been any mention of this new romance it’s evident it wasn’t true. Also, the man the publication was referring too, Oliver Crane, who has worked for Jolie and watched her children for years, was never romantically involved with the actress.

Gossip Cop had also already debunked the narrative that the two had some sort of romantic relationship. The Enquirer's sister-site, RadarOnline, tried to convey that Brad Pitt was “unhappy” with Crane being the children's "manny" two years ago. This time was no different. It also wouldn’t be the first time the Enquirer was wrong about Jolie.

In March 2019, Gossip Cop dismissed the publication for falsely claiming Angelina Jolie was moving to New York City to get away from Brad Pitt. The outlet contended Jolie was “secretly plotting” to move from California to the big apple to make it more difficult for Pitt to see his children.

The story made no sense. Jolie realistically could never keep Pitt from seeing their children. To confirm this, we checked in with a source in Jolie’s camp who assured us the story was wrong. The tabloids don't have any insight into Angelina Jolie's personal life. None.

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