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Did Caitlyn Jenner Really Get Plastic Surgery To Avoid ‘Turning Back Into Bruce’?

One year ago, a tabloid published a mean, insensitive story claiming Caitlyn Jenner was having plastic surgery because she thought she was “turning back into Bruce.” 

In Touch magazine has a long history of untruthful and sketchy reporting. It turns out the gossip rag also has a nasty mean streak. "Caitlyn Gets A Bruce Scare!" was the headline for a story last year that quoted a “source” as saying the former Olympian had “spent $500,000 on her face alone when she transitioned, and now she’s in need of some maintenance because her feminine features are starting to disappear.” The anonymous source also told the tabloid, "She worked so hard to escape from Bruce, but he's creeping back up."

Gossip Cop was disgusted by the story then and nothing has changed 12 months later. Neither has the truth. It’s true that Jenner has had significant work done on her face and body, she’s never been ashamed to talk about it. But the idea that she wraps up her identity in her looks is not only offensive, it’s flat wrong. We ran the story by Jenner's rep last year who confirmed the story wasn’t remotely true.

Tabloids love a lurid headline and as such, the disreputable supermarket magazines love to invent salacious headlines about Caitlyn Jenner. The publications are filled with some of the most insensitive stories you’ll ever read at the expense of Jenner. This certainly isn’t the only time In Touch has been wrong about Jenner’s plastic surgery.

In 2017, after Jenner revealed in her autobiography that she had completed gender confirmation surgery. The shameless publication, which certainly had no knowledge of the surgery before the book came out, decided it would invent a story claiming the former KUWTK star would be televising her “final surgery.” 

Gossip Cop pointed out that Caitlyn Jenner said she only addressed in the book to put to rest any fake stories and rumors, and added she wouldn’t talk about it again. And she hasn’t, nor was there ever a TV special about it.

Still, the phony reporting from the magazine has persisted. Last April, In Touch alleged Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins were planning a to get married.

The unreliable outlet even claimed the wedding planning was underway and the nuptials would be “this year, most likely in Malibu.” There was no wedding in 2019, nor has there been in 2020, in California or anywhere else. In Touch is just out of touch, as Gossip Cop continues to report.

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