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EA Access, Origin Access one-month subscription limited-time offer of $0.99

Electronic Arts have reduced its EA Access and Origin Access subscriptions to US$0.99[AU$1.43] for a limited time only and for just a month.

EA is definitely building up the excitement for its upcoming event. Right now, the gaming giant is offering its subscription-based gaming services for all platforms—EA Access and Origin Access—for big marked down price.

The limited-offer details

Starting today until June 29, PlayStation and Xbox owners will be given the opportunity to subscribe to EA Access for only $0.99. However, this extremely marked down subscription payment is only good for a month.

After that, EA Access membership will revert back to its original price, which is $4.99, as of this writing.

Unfortunately, the details are scarce about who exactly is eligible for this promotion. Whether this only good for new members that are thinking of signing up for EA’s service? Or can already members also avail of that one-month marked down offer?

Although, PC Gamer did note that the offer for Origin Access will only be applicable to those without an active subscription. Those that used to have one but had lapsed are reportedly eligible as well.

The same one-month limit mechanics apply for Origin Access. However, it is important to note that this less-than-a-dollar promotion is only applicable to the Basic subscription. EA opted to leave its Premier tier membership out of this generous giveaway.

Of course, the goal here is to give gamers a taste of what EA’s membership-based services can offer, and the Premier tier is more of a deluxe experience already.

What’s in store for gamers with the $0.99-subscription?

For console users, they will have a wide-range library access to EA-exclusive games such as Need for Speed: Heat and FIFA 20. Also, gamers will get a 10% privilege discount on other EA digital purchases on their respective console platforms.

For PC users, the Origin Access Basic subscription will offer over 250 games (not limited to EA titles), a 10-hour trial for EA’s game with an upcoming Early Access. The 10% privilege discount will also apply here.

This is actually perfect timing, with EA Play Live digital event coming up on June 18. There will definitely be games to be introduced that will offer Early Access.

Also, once the discounted month is over, users will have the prerogative to opt-out of the membership. Unfortunately, this will likely be done manually, as month-to-month subscriptions are usually deducted from players’ linked digital wallets automatically.

For those who are undecided, you can check out what EA has to offer on June 18 before subscribing.

In other news, Electronic Arts are expanding to Steam, so that’s another great debut to look out for.


Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts/Twitter

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